Anti-GMO Injustice

Take science to the street and March Against Myths! . . . → Read More: Anti-GMO Injustice


Recently the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) pulled a PETA-like stunt spewing forth the ethical pollution byproduct I’ve come to expect of the vegan industrial complex. This time though I was surprised to actually see vegans finally take up some ire against the perpetrators! There were a few blog posts written and Facebook flamewars . . . → Read More: IntegRD

To Kill or Not To KILL

Two interesting essays were posted on Rationally Speaking that take an outsider’s look at issues surrounding the welfare vs abolition schism.

in Vegetarianism: moral stance or mere preference? Michael De Dora writes about how vegetarianism as a moral stance devolves into a preference when welfare improvements make it hard to justify a moral high ground. . . . → Read More: To Kill or Not To KILL