Disease Dangers in the Vegan Community

Lack of vaccine awareness and acceptance is a largely unaddressed issue that threatens the vegan community. . . . → Read More: Disease Dangers in the Vegan Community

Stick a Fork in It

If you hadn’t heard of the movie Forks Over Knives (FOK) you probably aren’t vegan. It’s a movie based upon the work of a couple guru doctors who espouse a plant-based (read: vegan) diet for combating a plethora of human ailments. Released in 2011 it’s a little bit over a year-old now and injects a . . . → Read More: Stick a Fork in It

Vegan Baloney

Vegan Baloney Detection Guide Cover

The cover of our vegan baloney detection guide. -click to unfold.

The irony for which I currently find myself embroiled, is that as I sit here and crank on veganism week after week I also happen to organize a huge honking vegan support group. The two rarely make the connection and the friends in . . . → Read More: Vegan Baloney