Baloney Proofing

So, another year has gone by and since then I did a refresh on the “Baloney Detection Guide” I created as an attempt to advocate critical thinking. Particularly in this case, to a niched population of people who share a common interest of “vegan”. This is a post-mortem on round two of my efforts so . . . → Read More: Baloney Proofing

Vegan Baloney

Vegan Baloney Detection Guide Cover

The cover of our vegan baloney detection guide. -click to unfold.

The irony for which I currently find myself embroiled, is that as I sit here and crank on veganism week after week I also happen to organize a huge honking vegan support group. The two rarely make the connection and the friends in . . . → Read More: Vegan Baloney

70 Ingredients

Which is the real McRib?

What’s bad about a McRib sandwich? . . . → Read More: 70 Ingredients