Apes Became Human

Supposedly there are many different reasons that Rawfoodists give for following a rawfood diet. While I think many just look to be skinny I think even further down at the core of Rawfood philosophy there lies an appeal to nature. When Rawfoodists say “No other animal cooks their food!” I respond: “Exactly”. It could very well be that cooking our food gave us the advantage to evolve into such fancy monkeys. That’s the argument primatologist Richard Wrangham makes in his book Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human.

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  • Hawk

    No other animal brushes their teeth with toothpaste either. That doesn’t mean we should quit it.

  • […] Proponents for this diet will tell you that cooking food destroys enzymes which are necessary for proper digestion. This is based on Dr. Edward Howell’s outdated science which are picked apart at BeyondVeg[1]. It also doesn’t dawn on them that their appeal to nature of “other animals don’t cook their food” may work against their argument. Perhaps it is the cooking of food that gave us the advantage over other animals. […]

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