Gluten and Weight Loss

Gluten free is a big fad right now that I’ll probably attempt to unpack later. For now this article caught my eye that reports people are looking to gluten-free as a weight-loss strategy.

Giving Up Gluten to Lose Weight? Not So Fast –

This is news to me but I suspected it might come to this with the myriad of gimmicks that are dangled in front of people desiring a slimmer form. While I do know people who have lost weight going gluten-free they did so out of intolerance concerns and not for weight loss. Watching what you eat and eating less-processed high-calorie foods will likely encourage weight loss regardless of what specific organic matter from which one abstains.

2 comments to Gluten and Weight Loss

  • gladcow

    I lost weight when I went gluten free, but I’d gain it right back if I could eat bread again. Truth. Sammiches are worth that 30 lbs to me.

    That being said, when I got feedback from people about my weight loss, they really wanted to figure out my secret. I guess a gluten intolerance (and otherwise healthy diet) wasn’t exactly what they were hoping for. Next time I guess I’ll say Soylent Green?

  • Gladcow, you and a few others I’ve know lost weight when they went gluten free. You’re onto something there. I suspect is just a calorie deficit and/or an awareness on diet. The thing is though, many vegans tend to seek “nutritionists” who have been using “applied kinesiology” to diagnose gluten intolerance as a panacea. If that doesn’t work they lump on soy and nightshades for good measure. I think once anybody scrutinizes their diet for ANY reason they’ll tend to be healthier. It’s the sustainable habits that make the real difference though.

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