What the Hell-th

This awful pseudoscientific pseudodocumentary inspired me to pen a post on How the Health Argument Fails Animal Liberation. It deserves a good debunking in its own right though. There’s been talk of a buncha vegans getting together a point by point refutation of this movie but that’s an undertaking I don’t see happening any time soon. Some non-vegans are just looking for an excuse to take a swipe at veganism are happily utilizing this opportunity. Others are legitimately appalled and recognize that this does not represent veganism. I’m collecting critical reviews just to to have all in one place. Again I must stress that I may not endorse the following reviews or authors but it’s a jumping off point. If there’s something I missed please let me know!


A Doctor Watches “What The Health” | ZDoggMD, Zubin Damania, MD

Y’all Vegans Got BEEF? | ZDoggMD, Zubin Damania, MD

What the Health, a [vegan] film review | LA Chefs Column

What the Health: A Movie with an Agenda | Science-Based Medicine, Harriet Hall, MD

‘What the Health‘ Review: Health Claims Backed by No Solid Evidence | Diet Doctor, Nina Teicholz

A Vegan Debunks ‘What the Health’ Documentary | Unnatural Vegan

Debunking What the Health, the buzzy new documentary that wants you to be vegan | Vox, Julia Belluz

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