Raw Food Take Down

I’ve always been a big fan of YouTube user C0nc0rdance and these two videos on Raw Food don’t disappoint. I couldn’t have summed up the issues with Raw Food better myself.

Raw Food

Raw Food Pt 2

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  • Ed Terry

    Medical professionals take a course or two of nutrition in college and are no more accurately informed than the general public. When I explained to my doctor how I ate to achieve the lipid profile she approved of, she merely stated that “that’s not what I was taught in school.”

    A whole food diet is also low in sodium. As a rule-of-thumb, the potassium to sodium ratio in plants is around 100:1. In fresh meat, the ratio is lower, about 5:1.

    Weight loss is not always a good thing. When a significant amount of lean body mass is lost through protein deprivation and caloric restriction, that would be considered undesirable.

    However, your presentation did provide a more balanced discussion of the pros and cons of raw foods than I have found on any other web site. Good job.

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