Ravenous Monkey Escapes Circus and Eats Puppy

Misanthropic me would assume most people would read that headline and see that picture to the left and think “Oh, that crazy monkey with his puppy eating ways!” but vegans might suddenly be compelled to finally think critically and think “Oh I better check that source.”. I mean, a non-human animal could do no harm especially when there are teh cutes! I bet the hard life in a circus made the monkey crazy. Well, what happens when such a picture gets paired with a story thusly?:

Monkey Saves Puppy In Nanjing Explosion
“Here is a bizarre bit of news coming out of the pipeline explosion in Nanjing, China that killed 13 people and injured 300, and no it is not the news that 4 people were arrested – it is this remarkable photo of monkey grabbing a puppy dog and running away from the explosion and fire”

Really?! PlantPeaceDaily blog even goes so far as to boast:

“If anyone asks me why I work as a voice for other species instead of just working to help humans, and claims that other species are somehow less worthy than we humans, I want to show them this picture. Most humans would save themselves and get the heck out of there….

These are our forgotten relatives. These caring, feeling, thinking beings whom many of us still think are “things”. They want nothing more than their own lives….They want freedom and family and friends and comfort. Just like us.”

As much as I hate the HuffPo it was there that first officially debunked the story finding evidence of this picture posted to the intertubes from 2006. No matter though because even though this particular story was debunked this article as well as comments on other blogs insist this is “the sweetest thing I have ever seen” and still evidence for um…animals being cute or something. Like I said earlier, for all we know this monkey is stealing this puppy away for nefarious reasons like a game of kick the puppy or maybe puppy poutine. Can you even trust a monkey who wears a belt?!

Oh and just to top it off, nary a single mention of the >12 lives lost and hundreds injured were made. Who am I kidding though, this isn’t isolated to vegans. Search results from Google with the search terms “Nanjing explosion” pulls up mostly monkey puppy articles. So I guess we’re all just a bunch of credulous misanthropic jerks vegan or not.

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